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Replace in file

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A simple utility to quickly replace text in one or more files or globs. Works synchronously or asynchronously with either promises or callbacks. Make a single replacement or multiple replacements at once.


# Using npm 
npm install replace-in-file
# Using yarn 
yarn add replace-in-file


Specify options

const replace = require('replace-in-file');
const options = {
  //Single file or glob 
  files: 'path/to/file',
  //Multiple files or globs 
  files: [
  //Replacement to make (string or regex) 
  from: /foo/g,
  to: 'bar',
  //Multiple replacements with the same string (replaced sequentially) 
  from: [/foo/g, /baz/g],
  to: 'bar',
  //Multiple replacements with different strings (replaced sequentially) 
  from: [/foo/g, /baz/g],
  to: ['bar', 'bax'],
  //Specify if empty/invalid file paths are allowed (defaults to false) 
  //If set to true these paths will fail silently and no error will be thrown. 
  allowEmptyPaths: false,
  //Character encoding for reading/writing files (defaults to utf-8) 
  encoding: 'utf8',

Asynchronous replacement with promises

  .then(changedFiles => {
    console.log('Modified files:', changedFiles.join(''));
  .catch(error => {
    console.error('Error occurred:', error);

Asynchronous replacement with callback

replace(options, (error, changedFiles) => {
  if (error) {
    return console.error('Error occurred:', error);
  console.log('Modified files:', changedFiles.join(''));

Synchronous replacement

try {
  const changedFiles = replace.sync(options);
  console.log('Modified files:', changedFiles.join(''));
catch (error) {
  console.error('Error occurred:', error);

Return value

The return value of the library is an array of file names of files that were modified (e.g. had some of the contents replaced). If no replacements were made, the return array will be empty.

For example:

const changedFiles = replace.sync({
  files: 'path/to/files/*.html',
  from: 'a',
  to: 'b',
// changedFiles could be an array like: 

CLI usage

replace-in-file from to some/file.js,some/**/glob.js [--isRegex]

The flags allowEmptyPaths and encoding are supported in the CLI. In addition, the CLI supports the verbose flag to list the changed files.

Multiple files or globs can be replaced by providing a comma separated list.

A regular expression may be used for the from parameter by specifying the --isRegex flag.


(MIT License)

Copyright 2015-2017, Adam Reis