16 Packages by zhanzhenzhen

  • atom-4-color-base Base package of Atom's 4-color syntax themes
  • ban ban
  • coffee-engine A modern website engine.
  • coffee-sugar A library that extends native JavaScript / CoffeeScript.
  • doc-html For writing an HTML page that can switch between multiple human languages (or multiple programming languages). Also can prettify white spaces in <pre>. Purely browser-side.
  • dreamer dreamer
  • dreaming dreaming
  • js-bundler Command line tool for JavaScript/CoffeeScript bundling.
  • lemo lemo
  • mate HTTP request, array extension, ES6 shim, event, observer, test, timer, etc. It extends the native JavaScript / CoffeeScript.
  • modern modern
  • site A website engine
  • using A namespace solution
  • wishes wishes
  • wishlist Super natural testing framework.
  • zizi-readme-test Zizi's README test.