16 Packages by xaviervia

  • grunt-locco A Grunt plugin for generating locco documentation
  • jstp Node JSTP implementation
  • locco locco =====
  • locco-markdown Markdown adapter for Locco
  • mediador EventEmitter look alike built as a mixin, with bulk listener setup support
  • meehl Meehl formulas processor for your convenience
  • meehl-candidate Meehl formula for job candidate scoring
  • meehl-client Meehl formula for deciding whether to accept or not projects from clients
  • monje JSTP bindings for MongoDB
  • node-jstp Node JSTP implementation
  • object-pattern Object Pattern structures for Node.js
  • ode Zero overhead CLI adapter for Node modules
  • pajaro JSTP bindings for the Twitter API, including OAuth flow
  • siter Site content parser for popular websites with fallback to Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  • sydney.js sydney ======
  • washington Example Driven Development. Because little George sets a good example