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    William Riley-Land


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    • Validate an email address in Node or RequireJS/AMD. Provide validation that an email address conforms to RFC822.

      published 1.0.0 10 years ago
    • Express middleware for embedding your Tumblr blog in an Express app.

      published 0.0.1 10 years ago
    • Generate strings of random ASCII characters

      published 0.1.1 9 years ago
    • An example server that uses baucis to create a REST API

      published 1.2.1 8 years ago
    • A plugin for baucis that adds PATCH as an alias to PUT.

      published 0.0.1 9 years ago
    • Generate customizable swagger definitions for your Baucis REST API.

      published 1.1.2 8 years ago
    • Baucis's error definitions and handler middleware.

      published 1.0.0-candidate.5 9 years ago
    • Baucis uses this to parse and format streams of JSON.

      published 1.0.0 8 years ago
    • A module for adding child controller paths

      published 1.0.1 8 years ago
    • Simple overlay instructions for your apps.

      published 0.1.3 9 years ago
    • Compose modular decorators to build constructors. Your Node.js code will never have been as organized, reusable, and pluggable.

      published 2.0.2 7 years ago
    • Create variations of wintersmith pages for A/B testing.

      published 0.1.0 9 years ago
    • A/B test wainwright pages.

      published 0.1.1 9 years ago
    • A jQuery function that calls a callback after an element is found on the page.

      published 1.0.0 8 years ago
    • JavaScript errors that map to HTTP 4xx and 5xx error codes

      published 1.3.1 6 years ago
    • Process <link rel='import'> into a single file with this gulp plugin.

      published 0.3.3 8 years ago
    • Static site builder for gulp.

      published 0.5.2 8 years ago
    • Seneca RabbitMQ transport

      published 0.3.1 7 years ago
    • Create Express.js response and request objects that bind to Hapi request and reply objects

      published 1.3.0 6 years ago
    • Hapi plugin for interacting with Seneca

      published 1.4.2 7 years ago
    • MySQL database layer for Seneca framework

      published 1.1.0 6 years ago
    • Build scalable REST APIs using the open source tools and standards you already know.

      published 2.0.8 16 days ago
    • Manage local and remote caches with a single API

      published 1.1.0 5 years ago
    • Fixative is a module for node that helps organize your mocha fixtures and test helpers.

      published 0.5.4 8 years ago
    • Baucis uses this to parse and format streams of JSON.

      published 1.0.0 8 years ago
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