10 Packages by wombleton

  • couchmark Wraps couchdb's `follow` to restart at the latest unhandled change.
  • epi-week Calculates the epidemiological week for a given date. Also known as the epi week or CDC week.
  • everglade A naïve HL7 scrubber which attempts to remove personal information from a file containing messages.
  • grunt-extjs-dependen... Uses static analysis to figure out in what order to load your ExtJs app files.
  • gulp-huxley Gulp task for node-huxley.
  • L7 An HL7 query language and message manipulator.
  • liberty Calculate statutory and other holidays.
  • saintelague Calculates Sainte-Laguë for an election result.
  • shagit Very simple: returns the git sha of a string. The same as running `git hash-object foo.txt` if the string were saved in that file.
  • workwork Lists the working days between two dates, taking into account holidays.