• Syntax Highlighting for the CKEditor (Source View and Source Dialog) with the CodeMirror Plugin.

    published 1.18.9 3 months ago
  • WordCount Plugin for CKEditor Editor

    published 1.17.12 8 months ago
  • CKEditor plugin that makes the editor keep it's text-selection when switching between WYSIWYG and Source mode, and scrolls the selection into the viewport.

    published 1.8.0 8 months ago
  • Automate the updating of your package.json packages with a grunt task

    published 2.3.1 7 months ago
  • A bootstrap plugin for your mention needs.

    published 2.1.1 6 months ago
  • This is a simple plugin that turns standard Bootstrap toats into "Growl-like" notifications.

    published 4.0.0 6 months ago