10 Packages by undashes

  • d3.chart.bubble-matr... A bubble-matrix chart for the Web
  • fs-lint File naming consistency verification tool.
  • kademlia-dht Network-agnostic Kademlia Distributed Hash Table
  • m4 M4 macro processor in pure Javascript
  • mekano maintain, update and regenerate groups of files
  • ninja-build Ninja build-system wrapper for Node.js.
  • ninja-build-gen Programmatically create Ninja build-system files
  • snockets-cli Snockets command-line tool.
  • sysexits Provide standard sysexits(3) exit codes.
  • yadsil Yet Another Dead-SImple Log on stderr for CLI tools.

4 Packages starred by undashes

  • concat-stream writable stream that concatenates strings or binary data and calls a callback with the result
  • ejs Embedded JavaScript templates
  • jsonparse This is a pure-js JSON streaming parser for node.js
  • reactify Browserify transform for JSX (a superset of JS used by React.js)