Siarhei Kliushnikau
  • Locate images on your screen using template matching in nut.js or standalone

    published 4.6.2 20 days ago
  • Cross platform node system clipboard work with text, image, files

    published 1.2.1 a year ago
  • Asynchronous OpenCV 4.x nodejs bindings with JavaScript and TypeScript API.

    published 4.1.209 20 days ago
  • Additional functionality for each mocha test by hooks

    published 1.0.3 2 years ago
  • Robot WebdriverIO cross platform service with access to system mouse, keyboard, clipboard, screen. Also have adapter for nut.js testing framework.

    published 0.7.3 a year ago
  • A command line tool for easily making prebuilt binaries for multiple versions of node, electron or node-webkit on a specific platform

    published 11.1.0 5 months ago