13 Packages by typicode

  • cult monitors gulpfile changes and reloads gulp
  • homerun Turn package scripts into commands
  • husky Prevents bad commit or push (git hooks, pre-commit/precommit, pre-push/prepush, post-merge/postmerge and all that stuff...)
  • json-server Serves JSON files through REST routes.
  • jsonplaceholder A simple fake REST API server for testing and prototyping.
  • jsop One-way data-binding for JSON files
  • katon Automatically starts your development servers so that you can be more productive. Servers are accessible on local .ka domains.
  • logan Mini template system for the console and colors
  • lowdb Flat JSON file database
  • minihost dev utility
  • shoutjs Beautiful output for your ShellJS commands
  • steno Fast non-blocking file writer for Node
  • underscore-db Use JavaScript objects as databases