• Take a snapshot of a URL

    published 0.1.0 11 years ago
  • Quickly create new jQuery plugins and chain together jQuery plugin requires.

    published 1.0.3 11 years ago
  • Quick and dirty cross-platform CLI tool for searching for files to open with favorite editor.

    published 0.0.2 11 years ago
  • Build chain for client-side MVC views. Render, convert to DOM elements, and bind jQuery plugins in one fell swoop.

    published 0.1.0 11 years ago
  • Mediator pattern for Halo, a client-side MVC framework.

    published 1.1.0 11 years ago
  • Framework for writing tests once and running them under any test engine

    published 0.1.0 11 years ago
  • Mediator based client-side MVC framework heavily inspired by Addy Osmani's talks on Aura.

    published 1.3.1 11 years ago
  • Library for sculpting "framework/language agnostic" BDD tests

    published 0.1.1 11 years ago
  • Add colors methods to Function.prototype

    published 0.1.1 11 years ago
  • Map, alias, and flatten object values to other object values.

    published 0.1.1 11 years ago
  • Grunt init template for generating and testing multiple versions of a browser script

    published 0.1.3 11 years ago
  • Standard init:gruntplugin with better test functionality.

    published 1.4.1 11 years ago
  • Create a grunt template from any grunt template

    published 1.0.1 11 years ago
  • Install a grunt init template

    published 1.1.1 11 years ago
  • Utility to add directory handling to your grunt task

    published 0.1.1 11 years ago
  • Convert an iframe to an image

    published 0.2.1 7 years ago
  • Another port of JSMin -- this time outputting a coordinate map

    published 1.2.1 8 years ago
  • Break up JSON from content in a JSON-first file

    published 0.2.0 4 years ago
  • View multiple pages at the same time

    published 0.1.1 11 years ago
  • Another browser extension.

    published 0.1.1 11 years ago
  • Generate source-maps from index mappings

    published 0.1.2 11 years ago
  • Talk on making programming normal

    published 0.1.1 11 years ago
  • Another way to combine outline and content into an object

    published 0.2.0 11 years ago
  • Utility for looking up line and column of a character at a given index and vice versa

    published 0.1.5 11 years ago
  • Calculate line-height of an HTML element (IE6 compatible)

    published 0.3.1 7 years ago
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