9 Packages by tlhunter

  • arpad An implementation of the ELO Rating System
  • copyapi Client Library for the OAuth-based RESTful JSON API
  • dumb Allows non-evented apps to subscribe to Node.js events over HTTP
  • easyxml A configurable object to XML converter
  • grille Simple CMS using Google Spreadsheets
  • grimm HMVC Framework
  • say TTS (text to speech) for node.js. send text from node.js to your speakers.
  • sticky-session Sticky session balancer based on a `cluster` module
  • wireless Tool for handling all aspects of wifi wireless networks

3 Packages starred by tlhunter

  • http-status Interact with HTTP status code
  • ism Turn-based multiplayer nation building strategy game
  • isomer A simple isometric graphics library for HTML5 canvas