16 Packages by tleen

  • cachy Simple cache of keys and javascript objects as json, uses other modules to provide storage
  • cachy-default Default storage for cachy cache if none is given (throws errors about storage config)
  • cachy-filesystem Filesystem based storage for cachy caches
  • cachy-memory Memory based storage for cachy caches
  • cachy-memory-persist... Flushable/loadable memory based storage for cachy caches
  • dbcsv A simple csv file(s) backed database.
  • eye-of-agamotto Marvel Comics database api access with throttling/caching
  • haikfu Haiku generator
  • json-decompact Take a compacted JSON string and prettify it
  • pos-accumulator Builds a parts-of-speech lookup table of collected strings
  • reflector Simple http server used as a stub for testing, will return any parameters sent (with errors if needed).
  • retainer Cachable throttling wrapper for http/https requests
  • rubber-duck Tool for implementing "Rubber Duck" debugging.
  • syllablistic Utilities for getting syllable information from words
  • twits Module and command line utility for downloading top recommended twitter users and their latest tweets.
  • zippity-do-dah Zip code data with lookup and utilities