26 Packages by titarenko

  • butcher Simple node.js deployments triggered by push to GitHub.
  • fcdb File-backed collection in-memory storage.
  • flou Simple construction of complex flows.
  • generator-erma An Express-REST-Marionette web application generator for Yeoman.
  • generator-libco "Library in CoffeeScript" generator for Yeoman.
  • gulp-dotify Gulp plugin for precompilation of doT templates.
  • joba Simple job (task) scheduler (manager).
  • joba-pg Joba PostgreSQL persistence plugin.
  • joba-worque Joba worque bus plugin.
  • myexit Module for exiting application on certain condition(s).
  • mylog My preferred way of logging, with caller info, colors and other stuff.
  • mymssql Opinionated wrapper around MS SQL client API.
  • mymysql My opinionated wrapper around MySQL client API.
  • mypg My opinionated wrapper around PostgreSQL client API.
  • mypg-tools Tools for mypg lib.
  • node-eta Estimated time of arrival
  • qstorage Partial wrapper around mongodb API which employs promises instead of callbacks.
  • sqlcut SQL shortcuts.
  • sqlcut-mssql MS SQL API adapter for sqlcut module
  • sqlcut-mysql MySQL API adapter for sqlcut module
  • sqlcut-pg PostgreSQL API adapter for sqlcut module
  • test8 Framework for testing HTTP (REST) apps which use JSON as data format (HTTP+REST=8).
  • wachter Watchdog for your app. Provides API for logging and shutting down on certain condition.
  • worque AMQP-based work queue (exclusive, durable, consistent, reliable).
  • wrong Another JS object validator with focus on simplicity
  • xstruct Implementation of straightforward extraction of structured data from web pages.

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  • deep-diff Javascript utility for calculating deep difference, capturing changes, and applying changes across objects; for nodejs and the browser.