15 Packages by timkuijsten

  • array-bcrypt-user Store and verify user accounts in an array using bcrypt passwords
  • bcrypt-speed Determine how many rounds can be used for a given maximum amount of login time
  • bcrypt-user Abstract library to create, update and authenticate users using bcrypt
  • bson-stream Read a binary stream that contains BSON objects and emit each as a JavaScript object.
  • chroot Chroot the current process and drop privileges
  • ld-jsonstream Simple and secure line delimited JSON stream parser
  • match-object Check if all given criteria hold on the given object
  • mongo-bcrypt-user Store and verify users with bcrypt passwords
  • mongo-key-escaper Escape $ and . in keys, recursively
  • mongovi REPL for mongodb with vi key bindings
  • nest-namespace Create a nested structure based on flat object key names
  • object-key-filter Filter certain keys from an object without side-effects
  • object-key-transform Transform each key of a given object
  • test-http-server Decorate webservers with easy to use client request methods
  • thumbnail Small utility to easily and efficiently create thumbnails using GraphicsMagick.