Theo Gravity

  • minijasminenode with Jasmine node 2.3 and grunt support

    published 2.0.0 8 years ago
  • Quickly build, document and test react components via a grunt task

    published 0.7.0 7 years ago
  • Yeoman generator for react-baseplate to create react components with documentation and testing.

    published 0.1.0 9 years ago
  • Mapbox library converted to react for use with react-leaflet.

    published 0.2.4 8 years ago
  • Create batched rasterizations of SVG files to other formats suitable for multiple device types.

    published 1.1.2 9 years ago
  • A React component guide that generates code examples, prop documentation, rendered component samples and active development.

    published 3.17.1 7 years ago
  • Web-based audio player with multi-user management and playlists

    published 0.0.1 9 years ago
  • fs-readdir with additional performance-enhancing options.

    published 1.0.2 8 years ago
  • SQLite client for Node.js applications with SQL-based migrations API written in Typescript

    published 5.1.1 8 months ago
  • A production-grade error creation and serialization library designed for Typescript

    published 2.2.0 a year ago
  • memcached impl for cache-manager

    published 6.0.1 6 months ago
  • Use node-cache-manager as a passwordless token store

    published 1.0.1 8 years ago
  • A library for deep (recursive) merging of Javascript objects

    published 0.3.0 8 years ago
  • Smooth element (overflow: scroll) to position with requestAnimationFrame

    published 0.1.2 8 years ago
  • Upload your Javascript source maps to Sentry from a specified directory

    published 0.2.6 6 years ago
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication strategy for Passport.

    published 1.6.3 7 years ago
  • Memcached session store for Connect w/ elasticache support

    published 1.0.4 7 years ago
  • Extremely simple in-memory store for node-cache-manager. Primarily used for testing purposes.

    published 1.1.0 7 years ago
  • express session support using node-cache-manager

    published 1.0.2 7 years ago
  • Creates / updates a changelog with customizable options, including version / timestamp / CI support.

    published 2.1.11 3 years ago
  • increment version of package.json according to git log Edit

    published 2.3.1 6 years ago
  • Version bump package.json (or a version file) via various plugins (eg cli, git, etc).

    published 2.0.14 3 years ago
  • cli plugin for the @theo.gravity/version-bump tool

    published 0.0.8 6 years ago
  • Gets the docker container id / checks if the app is running in a docker container via CLI or API

    published 1.0.8 6 years ago
  • Version strategy for bumping version based on the last git commit message

    published 0.0.8 6 years ago
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