4 Packages by swys

  • crypt-decrypt stream wrapper around node's cryto 'createCipher' (Encrypt) and 'createDecipher' (Decrypt) methods
  • depthcharge depthcharge is a function that will take in a root directory and a subdirectory as arguments and output an integer depth
  • lsd wait what? this isn't that type of program. Streaming ls like module. Write a path into lsd and get back a stream of that directories contents. You will get back a stream of full paths. You can easily hookup a filtering transform stream to alter the output to fit your needs (i.e. strip the paths if you don't need them). Initialize lsd with depth option and then write a path to lsd and get back a stream of the directories contents DEPTH levels deep. Pass 0 to depth option and get back the entire directory tree.
  • watercolor Watercolor is a Stream 2 Transform stream that will output styled and colored text. Pipe a stream or write to it directly. Outputted text will be formatted based on the options passed into the instance.