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  • <h1 align="center"> <img src="" alt="Shipit" title="Shipit" width="500"> </h1> <p align="center" style="font-size: 1.2rem;">Universal automation and deployment tool ⛵️</p

    published 4.1.0-0.0.1 5 years ago
  • Official set of deploy tasks for Shipit.

    published 4.0.2-0.1.3 5 years ago
  • A lightweight Express.js server to handle Pipedrive's API calls without exposing any API access token to clients.

    published 1.0.0 5 years ago
  • Symlink unsourced files and directories, like Capistrano.

    published 4.4.2-0.0.3 5 years ago
  • Superbiche SASS toolkit

    published 0.1.0 5 years ago
  • Converts a csv file to vue-router-redirects, apache and nginx redirects.

    published 1.0.6 4 years ago
  • A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custom check-in/check-out rules, localization support and more

    published 4.0.0-beta.4-005 3 years ago
  • kiss my ESLint base configuration

    published 1.1.0 2 years ago