12 Packages by stomita

  • extract-required Extract CommonJS required module names in JS code
  • google-spreadsheet-d... Manipulate Google Spreadsheet like a mongoDB-like data store
  • grunt-extract-requir... Grunt task to extract required modules in src files
  • grunt-jsforce-deploy A grunt task for deploying Salesforce package using JSforce (no Migration Tool dependency)
  • gulp-jsforce-deploy Deploying Salesforce package using JSforce (no Migration Tool dependency)
  • jsforce Salesforce API Library for JavaScript
  • jsforce-ajax-proxy Ajax proxy server to access Salesforce APIs from browser JavaScript resides in outer domain.
  • mustang A command-line tool for mustache template, generating outputs from various data sources
  • node-salesforce Salesforce API Connection Library for Node.js Applications
  • require-swapper Swap CommonJS require call to custom function call.
  • rxel A library to help describing reactive behavior in simple definition
  • soql-console Salesforce SOQL console app with metadata-aware word completion. Works both on TTY and web UI.