18 Packages by stephenhandley

  • asserts Test grouping and formatting to make working with vanilla node assert marginally easier
  • child-process-helper... dumb helpers for child_process
  • configwd Synchronously reads config.json or config/*.json from process.cwd() or APP_ROOT environment variable, replacing occurrences of {{APP_ROOT}} in the JSON accordingly.
  • diso pending
  • diso.core Client / Server
  • diso.mongo Schema and denormalization patterns for MongoDB
  • diso.router Simple router that augments request object with params, using RoutePattern for named param matching.
  • diso.view Views...
  • a view that plays a video
  • dotmix simple mixin implementation
  • dundee Attach functions to prototypes with their names prefixed by _
  • fuck ERROR: No file found!
  • glasses Basic object property and method reflection/introspection
  • pamhsah HashMap derp
  • requireindex Write minimal node index.js files that require and export siblings by file basename
  • states Add simple state machine to Javascript objects
  • tf Simple functions for creating html tags
  • type-of-is Determine and test types using constructor or {}.toString