15 Packages by srijs

  • backtape A doctape client for the truly paranoid.
  • buffer-indexof-fast Fast indexOf for Buffer
  • chabo Carrier layer for encrypted chunk storage.
  • cio Controlled I/O
  • clam-engine Native bindings for the clamav engine
  • clam-js Control a ClamAV daemon over TCP or Unix Domain Sockets.
  • etc Configuration loader for node.js applications
  • express-status-guard Guard callback errors by emitting a statusCode and don't bother any longer.
  • expresto Create RESTful express services with ease.
  • fg A functional postgres client.
  • muject 10-SLOC no-bullshit dependency injection micro-library
  • node-natives The node.js core modules on npm. Do not use directly.
  • redis-function Run transpiled Javascript functions on the Redis scripting engine.
  • rusha A high-performance pure-javascript SHA1 implementation suitable for large binary data.
  • sams-mongo-lazy Node-mongodb-native for lazy people. Don't ever open a collection again. Eat a piece of cake while doing parallel queries.