16 Packages by someoneweird

  • abn-validator Validates Australian Business Numbers
  • chapi Compatible hashing API for NodeJS
  • ecstatic-enodirfix A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron
  • gpg-me GPGMe aims to help people verify online entities as belonging to certain people, and easily allow secure, verifiable communication with them
  • hideyodatabase Database anonymising tool
  • ht-cli CLI tool for Hudson-Taylor
  • ht-schema ht-schema
  • hudson-taylor Library for building services.
  • icanhazprotocol Easily create binary protocols in Node.JS
  • msfjs Node library for interacting with metasploit
  • nodeplugs Node plugin loader
  • railgun-js Stupidly simple microservice architecture framework
  • restdoccer Generate self-contained, offline API docs from a JSON file.
  • secureyournode Security workshop
  • simple-latlong Crazy simple module for adding distance to latlongs
  • yubinode YubiKey OTP testing for Node.JS