10 Packages by skane

  • asset-gopher Promise-based asset loader designed for fetching resources from remote machines in a browser
  • cloak-browserify This is a very minor alteration to the Cloak client to make it work with browserify
  • grunt-minispade wraps .js files in minispade closures for use with minispade.js
  • grunt-showoff converts source files (usually javascript) to handlebars files that have been run through highlight.js
  • math-gen This is a library for generating semi-random math problems
  • power-throw Tiny library of exception throwing utils.
  • promise-it-wont-hurt This is a Workshop module for learning about promises in node.js
  • raf-shim This is a browserify compatible shim for request and cancel animation frame
  • roomba-server Multiplayer game server designed for use with websockets. Manages rooms and users!
  • tiny-clock This is a tiny clock module that stores start/stop/last timeStamps. It has a tick() method that iterates the timeStamp