16 Packages by shawnbot

  • aight un-suck JavaScript APIs in IE8 & 9
  • async-dammit an async helper for a synchronous world
  • beautify-css make your CSS pretty
  • coercive An intuitive interface for type coercion and data cleanup
  • cops Composable image operations using node-canvas
  • dtools data tools
  • elevate Enrich GeoJSON features using the MapQuest Open Elevation API
  • hashable Stateful URLs in the browser hash, parsing and formatting, and more!
  • itunes-data Export your iTunes library metadata in easy-to-read formats
  • properly get properties from JavaScript objects, nicely
  • prosthetic Prosthetic is a Node web proxy that allows you to manipulate web sites with simple (yet flexible) JSON configuration files. As a node module, it exposes an express-compatible server function (the module export) and a suite of operations for manipulating (
  • raster-eyes Yet another web page screenshot service
  • slew Streaming data formats in node and the browser
  • stag Generate Swagger documentation, statically
  • swagger-enhance Enhance Swagger API metadata with more useful info
  • urlsize get the human-readable size of a URL

10 Packages starred by shawnbot

  • curry flexible but simple curry function
  • domino Server-side DOM implementation based on Mozilla's dom.js
  • exif-parser A javascript library to extract Exif metadata from images, in node and in the browser.
  • geom-poly A collection of terse, efficient polygon tools.
  • multiline Multiline strings in JavaScript
  • node-webkit-screensh... Take screenshots using node-webkit
  • nomnom Option parser with generated usage and commands
  • notevil Evalulate javascript like the built-in eval() method but safely
  • progress-stream Read the progress of a stream
  • screenshot-as-a-serv... Website screenshot service powered by node.js and phantomjs