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  • co-monk mongodb generator goodness for co
  • dbfm-app-sdk douban fm app-sdk
  • delegate Creates delegate functions automatically.
  • fis-postpackager-fix... fix smarty pcre
  • fluent-ffmpeg A fluent API to FFMPEG (
  • format printf, sprintf, and vsprintf for JavaScript
  • koa-compose compose Koa middleware
  • lame NodeJS native bindings to libmp3lame & libmpg123.
  • monk [![build status](](
  • node-print Print Tool
  • open open a file or url in the user's preferred application
  • pff Minimal implementation of printf, which is really fast
  • plain-ffmpeg Tiny FFmpeg wrapper.
  • python-format Python's str.format() implementation.
  • sprintf.js This module provides an almost complete implementation of the printf and sprintf functions from the standard C library.
  • stream-transcoder FFmpeg based media transcoder that supports streams.
  • thunkify Turn callbacks, arrays, generators, generator functions, and promises into a thunk