6 Packages by russmatney

  • configgit The easiest way to wrangle your env-specific configuration in node
  • grunt-unicorn Always use grunt, unless you can use grunt-unicorn. Then always use grunt-unicorn.
  • gulp-env Add env vars from a .env file to your process.env
  • sendhub SMS via Sendhub
  • slush-angular-playgr... stupid-simple, clone-able live-reload playground for front-end angular demoing
  • super-object-mapper Sup-ed up object-level schema control - whitelist fields and convert between types and keys.

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  • napa A helper for installing repos without a package.json with npm.
  • slush-static generate static web page project with cofeescript+lint+uglify, stylus+nib ,imagemin, jade and server+livereload