6 Packages by rondale-sc

  • ember-app-kit-new Lightweight module designed to make initial setup of Ember App Kit easy!
  • ember-cli-htmlbars A library for adding htmlbars to ember CLI
  • ember-cli-rails-addo... Addon for configuring ember-cli-rails (the ruby gem) with the ember app(s) it wraps.
  • ember-cli-super-numb... Ember Super Number is a component that let's you intelligently deal with increment and decrement controls on a given input. It handles all sorts of configurations, and user input sanitization. You can see a demo below. Let me know what you think!
  • ember-publisher This is a micro-lib designed to help unify s3 publishing for Ember and related Ember projects.
  • poc-ember-cli-polyme... The default blueprint for ember-cli addons.