15 Packages by robey

  • 4q the 4q archive format
  • antsy draw full-color (xterm-256) ansi graphics into a buffer
  • clicolor simple functions for using pretty colors in your CLI app
  • d16bunny a small assembler for the DCPU
  • font-problems command-line tools for font formats
  • globwatcher watch a set of files for changes (including create/delete) by glob patterns
  • mocha-sprinkles helpers for mocha, when using coffee-script and bluebird
  • packrattle GLL parser-combinator library
  • plz simple build automation
  • plz-builtins simple build automation
  • recompile automatically recompile coffee-script (or other!) source on startup
  • s3pm publish to (and link from) S3 as a jank node module storage
  • stream-toolkit handy tools for working with streams
  • wartremover stream transform to turn bunyan json log entries into plaintext
  • xz node bindings for the xz compression library

1 Package starred by robey

  • json a 'json' command for massaging and processing JSON on the command line