17 Packages by rexxars

  • 1bit-chart-bars Simple module for generating 1bit bar charts
  • aspell-stream Readable and writable stream that spell checks your text and parses aspell output to an understandable format
  • bunyan-pushover A Bunyan stream for pushing messages using pushover
  • git-logs Extracts git logs from repositories
  • imbo-client An Imbo client for node.js and recent browsers
  • imboclient An Imbo client for node.js and modern browsers
  • ndarray-bit-gif Creates 1-bit GIF-images from an ndarray of bits
  • nodehun-sentences Checks whole sentences / chunks of text for errors and returns positions and suggestions for each
  • openvpn-config-split... Splits OpenVPN (.ovpn) files into separate files for private key, user+ca certificates and tls-auth key, for use with network-manager in debian/ubuntu
  • pert-estimate Calculates estimate(s) based on the PERT method by using "most likely time", "optimistic time", and "pessimistic time"
  • print-2d-bit-array Prints 2D-arrays of bits. Supports ndarray.
  • react-element-pan React component for allowing panning of DOM-elements too large for their container, in a Google Maps-like way.
  • react-layout-pack React component for "packing" elements together in a pinterest-like layout
  • same-origin Checks if two URLs pass the "same origin"-policy (RFC 6454)
  • sse-channel Server-Sent Events "channel" where all messages are broadcasted to all connected clients, history is maintained automatically and server attempts to keep clients alive by sending "keep-alive" packets automatically.
  • vaffel-coding-standa... VaffelNinja coding standard
  • vinmonopolet Crawls Vinmonopolet and extracts information on the products available

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  • nodehun The Hunspell binding for nodejs that exposes as much of hunspell as possible and also adds new features. Hunspell is a first class spellcheck library used by Google, Apple, and Mozilla.