15 Packages by reggi

  • inc consolidate all of your client side javascripts, locally
  • jrender Render express templates with jQuery
  • kinfunction Run a function as a child process.
  • klaviyo-forms Write forms that directly create events / track users in klaviyo.
  • klaviyo-learnmarklet
  • moment-spans A span is a period between two dates where subsciptions take place. The subscribers between these dates are labeled within a specific span number. The initial span number starts on the month that subscriptions started. A subscriber can only be in one span
  • multierror `npm install multierror --save`
  • omap Maps object key to array of possible keys.
  • package-yml Use YAML for your NPM Package
  • regicide A collection of one-off functions.
  • rmscripts Removes all script tags from passed stdin.
  • scheme Uniform Resource Identifier Builder
  • shopify-promise ## Why
  • trinket A hodgepodge of javascript functions with varying uses.
  • whiplash Whiplash API Library