9 Packages by puckey

  • pad-number convert a number to a padded string with n leading zeroes
  • paper The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting
  • pointer-proxy Takes a DOM element and simplifies it’s pointer events. Add a transform filter to modify or drop certain events.
  • took Easily log how long your function took to call back: wrap it in a took!
  • undies A simple undo / redo history module for Javascript.
  • unique-s3-uploader Upload files with unique filenames from the client to Amazon S3
  • voronoi A Javascript implementation of Steven J. Fortune's algorithm to efficiently compute Voronoi diagrams. The Voronoi object's purpose is to solely compute a Voronoi diagram, it is completely standalone, with no dependency on external code: it contains no ren
  • woods Woods =====
  • woods-parsedown Woods Parsedown