12 Packages by orktes

  • backbone-blueprint Create object hierarchies based on json schema
  • connect-geoip Connect middleware to query client geolocation from geoip data
  • connect-parallel Connect middleware that makes possible to run asynchronous middlewares parallel
  • connect-parameter-ro... Query and body parameter based routing for connect
  • jsxcs JavaScript Code Style checker with JSX (React) support
  • jsxformat JSX formatting tool
  • rjss Style sheet language for creating inlineable style objects for react-native and react-canvas
  • rjss-loader Webpack loader for the RJSS style syntax
  • scribe Scribe client
  • sear Sear
  • sear-require When even almond has too much stuff (you dont need normalization etc.)
  • serverbone Serverside additions to backbone to serve collections and models as express apps