16 Packages by olegas

  • chunking-streams NodeJS chunking streams
  • cozy-ical-tensor This is a Tensor's own fork of Cozy-ICal library. Cozy-Ical provides ICal Parser, generators and helpers.
  • dom-compare Library to compare two DOM trees
  • event-loop-monitor NodeJS event loop latency monitor
  • express-toobusy Express middleware to return 503 if server is too busy right now
  • grunt-packer Grunt plugin to automagically concat JS and CSS files found in HTML
  • grunt-wsmod-packer Grunt plugin to collect dependencies for WI.SBIS modules and pack them to a single package respecting load order
  • mockfs Mocking FS module implementation for testing purpouses
  • sbis3-cloud-logger Simple logger for SBIS3 Cloud
  • sbis3-json-generator Генератор json-ов с метаинформацией из исходного кода (ws, online, etc) для genie и локализации
  • tensor-xmldom Tensor's fork of a xmldom library by jindw - a W3C Standard XML DOM(Level2 CORE) implementation and parser(DOMParser/XMLSerializer).
  • uart-commander A DSL to perform serial interchange (i.e. using AT-commands with modem on some UART port)
  • wi-sbis-adapter NodeJS Adapter for WI.SBIS framework
  • wisebusy node-wisebusy =============
  • yourest YouTrack REST API for NodeJS
  • zabbix-agent Simple Zabbix agent