19 Packages by nrw

  • fancy-select a unidirectional combobox component based on the aria spec
  • level-commit track the change history of a leveldb instance
  • level-objectify compile the contents of a leveldb read stream into an object and create a patch for changes as a batch update
  • level-patch-data Store and read object patches (with metadata) in insert order
  • nd-element stream in dom elements or html strings to add and update them as a nested multidimensional array
  • nd-point find the points objects should occupy in a multidimensional array
  • object-viewer View and listen for changes on state object that keeps track of saved vs patched state
  • observ-varhash An object with observable key value pairs that can be added and removed
  • observable-patch observable patch
  • observable-varhash-p... observable varhash patch
  • omit-stream Object stream that omits specified keys from output
  • option-select-action add an option object to a value array or call a fuction based on the object's properties
  • option-tree a data source for a unidirectional combobox with nested options
  • option-tree-filter filter an option tree
  • option-tree-navigate navigate an object tree
  • pouchdb-commit-log cluster-friendly append-only topic-based commit log + materialized view implementation for pouchdb (inspired by apache kafka and samza)
  • pouchdb-patch-data Store and read object patches (with metadata) in insert order
  • sortable-object-hash based on an array path and a sort order for each property, generate a hash string for an object that will sort accordingly
  • styled-string-width measure the width a string will be when rendered in the dom

5 Packages starred by nrw

  • jjv A simple and extensible json-schema validator written in javascript. JJV runs in the browser and in the server (through node.js), it has no dependencies and has out-of-the-box AMD support.
  • monotonic-timestamp-... monotonic string timestamps, base36. constant-length.
  • patcher Object patching and replication for JavaScript
  • sortable-hash Hash arrays of numbers into sortable strings with variable precision loss
  • transcription Documentation generator for ES6.