17 Packages by namuol

  • assload Modular, extensible asset manager with preloading capabilities.
  • assload-image Browser-side image loader for Assload.
  • bm Create and use bitmasks of arbitrary depth without thinking.
  • cheet.js easy easter eggs (konami code, etc) for your site
  • cod An unopinionated documentation generator.
  • combo-livereload Automatic hot-swapping of assets during combo game development.
  • dll a lightweight, fast & flexible doubly linked list
  • ecsape fast and flexible Entity Component System
  • generator-combo A combo game template generator for Yeoman
  • gloop Fixed-timestep, deterministic game loop manager that supports arbitrary time-scaling.
  • grunt-coffeecup Compile CoffeeCup into HTML.
  • gulp-cod gulp plugin for cod
  • impact-weltmeister express backend for ImpactJS's editor, "Weltmeister"
  • spotify-desktop-remo... Control your Spotify Desktop app with a simple HTTP interface or
  • tap-difflet TAP output formatter using difflet for inequality errors.
  • tap-parser-yaml parse the test anything protocol (with yaml diagnostic block parsing)
  • titlegen Generate plausible titles from a list of example titles.