13 Packages by mowens

  • co-views-helpers Helpers-enabled version of visionmedia's co-views. Higher level thunk-based template rendering for Co and others, built on co-render.
  • emailreplyparser Node.js Port of GitHub's email_reply_parser.rb
  • indie Node.js Framwork for constructing IndieWeb-compatible apps and websites
  • The personal website of Michael Kirk Owens
  • newbase60 NewBase60 conversion utility
  • node-4sq Fault-tolerant Foursquare API v2 wrapper for Node JS. A write-enabled variant of node-foursquare-2.
  • passport-23andme 23AndMe Personal Genome API authentication strategy for Passport.
  • passport-appdotnet authentication strategy for Passport.
  • passport-indieauth IndieAuth authentication strategy for Passport.
  • passport-withings Withings authentication strategy for Passport.
  • runkeeper-js RunKeeper HealthGraph API Client Library for Node.js
  • watson-js Watson.js: Simple Node.js API Wrapper for the AT&T Speech API
  • whistler Algorithmically reversible, database-less URL Shortener for Node.js