7 Packages starred by morrelinko

  • hashkit A tool for generating short ids like Youtube, Bitly and Imgur
  • node-uuid Rigorous implementation of RFC4122 (v1 and v4) UUIDs.
  • passy Password/id utils
  • rand-token Generate random tokens
  • resume-generator This project came from my frustration in constantly rebuilding and customizing my resume for specific jobs. As my career evolved and my experiences grew in various fields, I am stuck with a large resume with experience ranging from executives to software developers. I've been project manager, consultant in architecture, business analyts, scrum master, java developer, javascript developer, in permanent and contractual jobs, with a large number of projects and achievements. While I'm happy with my career, how can I sanely build a resume for a specific job, without dilluting my skills with irrelevant positions?
  • simple-unique-id A simple unique ID generator.
  • simpleflake Distributed id generation for the lazy.