13 Packages by mileszim

  • dotfun Simple dotfile implementation for node.js
  • ember-cli-sassjs Ember addon for Sass.js
  • esi-squid Interaction with Squid API
  • hb Hummingbird generator & cli.
  • horatio A javascript compiler for the Shakespeare Programming Language
  • hummingbird-node Stupidly simple social media streaming for Node.js
  • mantel Firebase adapter for ember-data.
  • ruse Simple deployment of static apps to s3
  • sediment Node.JS sentiment analysis using AFINN-111
  • tempmail.js Programatically generate and receive mail from temporary email addresses. Works in browsers and in node.js.
  • tera Another Node Framework
  • twat Simple Twitter Streaming for Node.js
  • webpurify This provides an easy module for interacting with the WebPurify API