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  • agave Cleaner, simpler JavaScript for ES6
  • agave-documentation The agave.js official documentation
  • boring-config Load a CSON config file
  • express-geoip Adds an ISO country code to req.countryCode
  • express-ssl-redirect Redirects http users to https
  • minimum-tls-version Allows you to easily specify a mimimum TLS/SSL version for node.js and io.js. All TLS/SSL versions older than the minimum will be disabled.
  • outdated-browser-rew... Detects outdated browsers and asks users to upgrade to a new version. Handles mobile devices!
  • pamplemousse Delicious SSE for Node/ExpressJS and the browser
  • payment-template-hel... Presents payment information in any JavaScript-based templating language.
  • quaderno-server Helps calculate JSON web tokens (JWTs) for one-off charges in Quaderno.
  • ssl-config Allows you to specify SSL/TLS cipher suites based on both security and browser compatibility.
  • styleselect ## Full styling for select boxes. No jQuery.

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  • mandrill-api The official API client for the Mandrill email as a service product.