10 Packages by markwillis82

  • clouddatabase A client implementation for Rackspace CloudDatabase in node.js
  • clouddatabase-cli Rackspace Cloud Database command line tool
  • inception Inception - Encrypting node.JS files
  • ipfunctions Providing functionality to check ip validation and convert CIDR notation to IP ranges. also allowing for single ips to be converted to long and back again
  • nodegrep async grep command
  • allows your connections to have access to your passportjs login session.
  • threadHandler A simple external script thread handler - allowing for multiple external script to be run and only X amount to be executed at a time
  • todolist take an argument list of files and scan for TODO/HACK/FIXME commands
  • txtlocal Node.js implementation of sms sending
  • urltester test url redirects with a result and confirm they are working