17 Packages by mariusgundersen

  • amd-optimizer Find all the dependencies of one or more amd modules and sort them in the correct order, from leaf (module with no dependencies) to root (module which no other module depends on). This is an alternative to the official requireJS optimizer, but is designed
  • command-dispatcher dispatch commands and wait until the handler is done using promises
  • decojs Scalable frontend architecture
  • gulp-amd-optimizer Emits the entire dependency tree of one or more AMD modules, from leaves to root, and names anonymous modules
  • gulp-foreach Send each file in a stream down its own stream
  • gulp-wrap-layout A gulp plugin to wrap the stream contents with a lodash template.
  • httpntlm-pull-req-8 httpntlm is a Node.js library to do HTTP NTLM authentication
  • jazzmine jassmine testsuite with support for async and require modules
  • marius-rocks My first npm module
  • moquirejs mock require dependencies
  • namecoin-transaction Create namecoin transactions
  • nivou
  • ordnung framework for building maintainable single page applications
  • overloadjs overload functions depending on the type using a multimethod
  • qvc Handle commands and queries from the client with validation
  • sparklines Tiny project for drawing sparklines in your webapp
  • vhost-delegator Delegate the server work to other nodeJS applications by routing based on subdomains