Sérgio Lucas Avilla da Silva

  • A module to do wifi/custom data provisioning to ESP IDF

    published 0.2.5 2 years ago
  • A simple filter to AWS Textract results

    published 0.0.8 2 years ago
  • Accessible, extensible, Autocomplete for React.js

    published 1.8.2 2 years ago
  • This module will parse the multipart-form containing files and fields from the lambda event object.

    published 1.0.3 a year ago
  • published 2.3.2 2 months ago
  • A light option to make chat's flows.

    published 1.1.0 a year ago
  • A simple JavaScript library to retrieve public profile information from WhatsApp Business accounts. Please note that this library is designed to work only with business profiles, as personal user data is protected by privacy measures within the WhatsApp a

    published 1.0.5 5 months ago