10 Packages by maksimr

  • eof The best project ever.
  • grunt-bats Grunt plugin for Bats. Bats is a TAP-compliant testing framework for Bash. It provides a simple way to verify that the UNIX programs you write behave as expected.
  • karma-borschik-prepr... A Karma plugin. Build JavaScript files trhough borschik on the fly.
  • karma-jasmine A Karma plugin - adapter for Jasmine testing framework.
  • karma-jquery-expect Framework for [jquery-expect]( A DOM assertion library built on top of jQuery and based on LearnBoost's expect.js
  • karma-jsx-preprocess... [![Build Status](]( [![Build Status](](
  • karma-mocha A Karma plugin. Adapter for Mocha testing framework.
  • karma-react-preproce... [![Build Status](](
  • karma-sinon-expect karma-sinon-expect ================
  • karma-yate-preproces... [![Build Status](](