17 Packages by makara

  • bones-backend
  • bones-mixin Just another way to organize your code.
  • bones-page
  • bones-rest Adds "resource(s)" which is both
  • bones-stash
  • bones-test
  • build-http-error (Node.js) Build an HTTP error with a status code and / or a message.
  • carcass A toolbox for Node.js.
  • carcass-auth (Node.js) Authentication middlewares, in Carcass style.
  • carcass-config (Node.js) A config file loader and manager, in Carcass style.
  • carcass-couch (Node.js) A simple wrap of cradle plus some stream APIs, in Carcass style.
  • carcass-monitor (Node.js) A simple wrap of forever-monitor, in Carcass style.
  • carcass-program (Node.js) A simple wrap of commander.js, plus some tools and examples, in Carcass style.
  • file-register (Node.js) The way we organize code: break into files and folders and map to an object.
  • highland-array (Node.js) Extend the native Array with the methods that work with Highland (a JS stream lib).
  • mixable-object (Node.js) The way we do code reuse: simply copy things from an object to another.
  • param-injection (Node.js) Wraps a function so that one or some of the parameters can be auto-loaded at run time. Mainly used to build modules or functions that may have some run time dependencies.