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    • An easy and fast in-memory string builder for Node.js.

      published 2.2.6 a year ago
    • MagicCrypt is a Java/PHP/NodeJS/Rust library to encrypt/decrpyt strings, files, or data, using Data Encryption Standard(DES) or Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) algorithms. It supports CBC block cipher mode, PKCS5 padding and 64, 128, 192 or 256-bits key

      published 3.0.7 11 days ago
    • Use Rust to compute 32-bit signed integers and wrap around at the boundary.

      published 3.0.21 11 days ago
    • Fast search substrings in a string by using N-API and boyer-moore-magiclen.

      published 1.4.3 a year ago
    • To compute CRC values by providing the length of bits, expression, reflection, an initial value and a final xor value. It has many built-in CRC functions.

      published 2.0.13 11 days ago
    • Get configurable system variables.

      published 2.0.4 11 days ago
    • Use Rust to compute 64-bit signed integers.

      published 2.0.11 11 days ago
    • Get memory information on Linux.

      published 2.0.7 11 days ago
    • Encode QR Code by using N-API.

      published 2.0.9 11 days ago
    • ShortCrypt is a very simple encryption library, which aims to encrypt any data into something random at first glance.

      published 1.0.25 11 days ago