14 Packages by lorenzogrv

  • iai @laconbass web development framework for node.js
  • iai-component Provides an API that helps developing modular components for iai.
  • iai-core The iai framework core classes
  • iai-flow Tiny utility to define those methods that effectively are aynchronous operation sequences (aka asynchronous code flows). Sometimes code must be complex, but never should be unredable.
  • iai-fs Object oriented filesystem. Provides classes and patterns to deal with common async operations that involve the filesystem
  • iai-html iai html templating system, based on cheerio
  • iai-is Object.prototype.string based typechecks + extra 'whatever is *' check functions
  • iai-loader api to make special requires relative to a module
  • iai-middleware Provides a bunch of express/conect middleware
  • iai-oop iai-oop is a utility toolset to ease OOP. The filosofy is to type less while being more expressive.
  • iai-static
  • iai-util An API to share utilities. Allows loading some predefined functions or registering new ones.
  • mocha-pending Mocha reporter. Prints out all the pending tests hierarchy in a similar way to the spec reporter.
  • practical-inheritanc... A true prototypal inheritance pattern that effectively replaces the classical constructor pattern