5 Packages by liuweifeng

  • dpp Dynamic Proxy Platform
  • grunt-md5-list Copy files to a specified directory, according to the MD5 Rename, and then generate a file path and hash correspondence between documents.
  • gulp-weibo-dot2js A plugin for Gulp, compiles doT template to .js files
  • rn yet another rename tool
  • weibo-sdk Sina Weibo's Unofficial SDK

5 Packages starred by liuweifeng

  • gulp-requirejs-optim... personal achieve project for requirejs optimize --- gulp-requirejs
  • gulp-rev-all Static asset revisioning by appending content hash to filenames: unicorn.css => unicorn.098f6bcd.css, also re-writes references in each file to new reved name.
  • private-bower A simple private bower registry
  • run-sequence Run a series of dependent gulp tasks in order
  • serve Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect