10 Packages by leeroy

  • allocine-api Simple module used to access the Allocine API
  • architect-init CLI tool to help you start a new Architect app by creating all the structure and main files.
  • delayed-request Simple module wrapping the "request" module to add some random delay between requests.
  • fibaro-api Interact with Fibaro Home Center API
  • mongoose-shortid-nod... Short Ids for mongoose, with no dependencies
  • mt-files-downloader Download manager with multiple features : download stats, stop & resume, auto-retry (continue) in case of error, events, etc.
  • sails-hook-hookloade... Load models, controllers, services from your Sails hooks into the main app
  • terminal-status Simple module to update a structured status in terminal for the running program.
  • torrents-search Search torrents on private trackers websites (t411, Smartorrent, FrenchTorrentDB)
  • utorrent-api Interact with the uTorrent Web API