14 Packages by leandrob

  • angular-server Express WebServer for Angular applications
  • astor Astor is a command line development tool for token-based authentication.
  • claimtypes Starndard claimtypes for Node.js
  • cloudbus Simple cloud service bus based on Node.js
  • cloudbus-client Cloud bus client
  • justhtml Static HTML view engine for Express
  • mongo-docstore A very minimalist mongodb client for Node.js
  • psha1 P_SHA1 algorithm implemetation as defined in TLS Spec (rfc5246, 5.HMAC and the Pseudorandom Function)
  • salesforce-jwt SalesForce Auth 2.0 JWT Bearer Token Flow Implementation
  • saml20 SAML 2.0 and 1.1 token parser for Node.js
  • simplewebtoken Simple Web Tokens library for Node.js
  • str Some nice functions for string manipulation on Node.js
  • thumbprint Certificate thumbprint calculator for Node.js
  • wstrust-client Simple WS-Trust Client for Node.js