11 Packages by kjirou

  • callback-end By wrapping the function that sets the last callback, so that you can omit the argument when calling.
  • express-nested-route... Router combines namespace independent for the express 3.x
  • laplace A mock generator to replace Math.random() for testing
  • log-filter Filter server logs simply
  • mongoose-id-extracto... Add {path}_id virtual-paths that is able to extract _id always
  • parry A structural Node.js validation module
  • parry-mongoose mongoose binding for parry
  • recursive-keys Object.keys recursively
  • rpglevel A npm package for managing "Level" with "Exp" that is used by like RPG.
  • wantit Execute "require" without MODULE_NOT_FOUND error
  • web-environments A npm package for setting environment variables to use in web-browsers.