14 Packages by kevinbeaty

  • any-promise Resolve any installed ES6 compatible promise
  • any-transduce transduce, transducers-js or transducers.js: Users choice
  • basketcase JavaScript algebraic data types, pattern matching and multi methods
  • fs-promise Filesystem methods as promises, with optional fs-extra and fs-graceful dependencies
  • genread Turn any generator into a Readable stream
  • iterdone Tools to create ES6 iterators
  • json-lens Lenses with JSON Pointer
  • nextgen Composable ES6 Generator Transformations
  • oneself (un)curryThis to avoid [], obj.fn.bind(obj), that=this
  • redispatch Dispatch Functions with late registration
  • transduce JavaScript transducers and iterators
  • transduce-gen Create Transducers with ES6 Generators
  • transduce-stream Transform Stream with Transducers
  • underarm Transducers for JavaScript with Underscore API and Async extensions